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Fiber Art
In recent years, Paula Gron has enjoyed exploring personal expression. As a retired graphic designer, Paula is left to her own devices to interpret her 
stay-at-home status which includes cleaning and cooking. 

Nothing thrills her more then taking a humorous stab at the
do and repeat routine of her daily chores such as in this 
piece at right titled "I'd Rather be Weaving".
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A very gnarly scrub brush found on the beach lent itself nicely to become "Barnacle" (below) woven right into the brush holes with round reed and covered with paper fibers.
This piece called "Spring Cleaning" also originated with a scrub brush. The bristles were removed and the basket was build on the solid foundation of tidy perfection!
A self-explanatory broom and dustpan intertwined to represent charwoman status. The cotton cord is tapestry woven and left with long dangling  mop-like strands which hide a fabulous set of pearls!